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  • Leonie Pfalz

    Leonie Pfalz

    Head of Product Design at Flink

  • Tony Yiu

    Tony Yiu

    Data scientist. Founder Alpha Beta Blog. Doing my best to explain the complex in plain English. Support my writing:

  • Angus Peterson

    Angus Peterson

    Making the second half of life better than the first.

  • Rebecca Murphey

    Rebecca Murphey

    Engineering Manager @ Stripe. Based in Durham, NC.

  • Daniel Bourke

    Daniel Bourke

    I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from:

  • Ben Weber

    Ben Weber

    Director of Applied Data Science at Zynga @bgweber

  • Marc Djohossou

    Marc Djohossou

    Machine Learning Engineer/ Data Engineer/ Google Cloud Certified

  • Will Howard

    Will Howard

    Full-stack developer based in London.

  • Sean Knight

    Sean Knight

    Physicist doing non-physics things

  • Chris Morgan

    Chris Morgan

    I like writing stuff. Mostly about personal development and gender equality. My opinions are my own.

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